DOQ Priorat winegrowers wine box

Help up provide continuity to the DOQ Priorat winegrowers wine box project and ensure the COVID 19 investigation doesn’t stop.
PVP: 78,6€ VAT included, free shipping to the Iberian Peninsula and national islands.

With the winegrowers wine box you can also help preserve our land and vineyards

We want to share with you the passion we feel about this small territory, where we succeeded in keeping traditional wines and viticulture over the recent years with a lot of effort

BUY DOQ Priorat Winegrowers Box

What does it include?

6 bottles of different wines elaborated by DOQ Priorat winegrowers cellars.

Is it possible to choose wines included in the box?

It is a closed package with 6 wines from 6 different wineries. There are different wine selection boxes, to be shown shortly. 


To help the small family-owned wineries engaged in viticulture at DOQ Priorat. To ensure the continuity of the activity. To help next harvest preparation. To preserve the territory.

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1 × Winegrowers wine box64,96
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We contribute to COVID19 investigation.

How many wine-growers take part in this initiative?

Álvarez Duran Priorat, SLU
Álvaro Palacios, SL
Atavus Vines, S.L.
Bodega Totó Marquès, SL
Bodegas Mas Alta, SA
Buil & Giné
Burgos – Porta
Ca l’Apotecari de Porrera
Cal Batllet – Celler Ripoll Sans
Casa Gran del Siurana, SL
Celler Aixalà Alcait
Celler Ardèvol i Associats, SL
Celler Bravo Escós
Celler Cal Pla, SL
Celler Castellet
Celler Cesca Vicent, SA
Celler Clos 93 Priorat, SL
Celler Cristian Francès Bretón
Celler Crivellé i Valls, SL
Celler de l’Encastell
Celler Escoda Pallejà
Celler Familia Nin Ortiz, SL
Celler Giol Porrera
Celler Joan Simó, SL
Celler Lo
Celler Mas de les Pereres, SL
Celler Mas d’en Blei
Celler Mas Doix, SL
Celler Pasanau
Celler Pol Grifoll Declara
Celler Sabaté
Celler Vall Llach
Cellers Capafons-Ossó, SL
Cellers de la Cartoixa de Montsalvat, SL
Cellers de Scala Dei, SA
Cellers Melis
Cellers Tane
Cims de Porrera
Clos Dominic, SL
Clos Figueras, SA
Clos i Terrasses
Clos Pachem
Combier-Fischer-Gerin, SL
Concepció Brull
Costers del Priorat, SAT
De Muller, SA
Devinssi, SL
Domini de la Cartoixa, SL
Estriacus, SL
Fills de la Llicorella
Genium Celler, SL
Gratavinum, SL
Hidalgo Albert
Iduvina Olmedo
Joan Ametller, SL
Jordi Abelló
La Conreria d’Scala Dei, SL
Maius Viticultors, SCP
Marco Abella, SL
Mas dels Estels
Mas Igneus
Mas la Mola
Mas Martinet Viticultors, SL
Mas Perinet, SL
Meritxell Pallejà, SLU
Merum Priorati, SL
Mussons Vins, SL
Noguerals, SCP
Pinord “Mas Blanc”
Portal del Priorat, SL
Ritme Celler
Roca de les Dotze
Sangenís i Vaqué
Solà Clàssic
Terra Dominicata, SLU
Terres de Vidalba, SL
Trosset de Porrera
Trossos del Priorat
Unió Fruits, SCCL
Vinícola del Priorat, SCCL
Vins de l’Estenedor
Viticultors del Priorat, SL